Upgrade your trampoline park with exergames!
Renew and re-open to the post-Covid world

Hygienic exergaming products that entertain for years.

SuperPark Singapore gave their park an exergaming upgrade without renovation and extra space. The park had unused space next to a hallway and a pedal car track, and iWall was the perfect fit. Since then, iWall has been one of their most popular activities.

Before Covid-19 closed the park for a year, iWall reached a huge number of games played. Visitors found their way back at once when SuperPark opened again on the 9th of April 2021. iWall use returned to the pre-covid numbers at the same time.

iWall, runBEAT, and cycloBEAT are best for spaces that would otherwise be hard to make use of.

iWall at SuperPark Singapore

Game statistics on a 10-day-period in April 2021

iWall was in use for 45 hours

The total gameplay time was 77 hours

Busiest days

6 hours of use and 580 games per day at the busiest

4 040 played games

4 097 played games in 10 days in January (pre-Covid-19)

Most popular games

Parkour, Ski Jump, Hyper Slam

Running and cycling in trampoline parks


Dudesons Activity Park, Seinäjoki Finland
has runBEAT and cycloBEAT that are used non-stop, according to the game statistics. 

On the best days, that means 10 hours of active use a day, from opening to closing!

Even adults know how to play!

No touch or controllers needed, your body is the joystick!

- iWall is designed for public areas and for intense use and with no instructor. 
- CSE Exergaming experience is suitable for all ages from 6 years old and up. 
- Most iWall games are suitable for customers with disabilities.

Our products bring the whole family together for quality family time.

The best exergaming activities for trampoline parks

Trampoline parks have to renew, develop, and be different from competitors. How do you provide excitement for your customers and make sure the excitement keeps going?

"Our products have interesting and engaging content for both boys and girls, and even the parents get excited to join. We provide unique activities that entertain the whole family!
- Juha Kauppinen, Sales Director of CSE

Based on game data over the years

One unit can entertain over 100.000 customers a year.

Out of all iWall games, Parkour is the all-time favorite, so CSE developed the new Parkour Extreme game! 
► Check out the video!


Does it fit? Yes!

Only 3x3m (10x10ft) space needed, and standard room height (min 2,3m or 8ft).

Turn-key delivery and installation, no renovation needed!

Installation location can be in, e.g., a hallway or a corner or a replacement for a foam pit.

Products are updated regularly with new levels and games.

All the products are hygienic and safe to use!

You can follow the usage of the products from automatic game statistics.

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