Making Fitness Fun!

CSE Entertainment is a world-class developer of virtual reality, interactive fitness, and rehabilitation games and devices. 

We aim to make everyone smile and enjoy their daily dose of movement, whether during a daily exercise at the fitness club, casual power break between the glasses at the school, waiting for the next flight at the airport, or even during a rehabilitation period at the hospital.

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CSE Entertainment


World-class interactive fitness products since 2012.
Designed and manufactured in Finland.

iWall White

iWall is a fun and versatile exergaming product that lets you become a part of the game. Play on your own or share the fun with someone in multiplayer mode.


tapWall is a touch screen product with games particularly suitable for the youngest members of the family. 


runBEAT effortlessly combines non-motorized treadmills with exergaming. Run, compete or test your fitness!


cycloBEAT is an action-packed exergame that is fun, challenging and makes you want to play again and again!


groupBEAT is a new and revolutionary way to make group exercise fun and personal. 


rehabWall is intended as a tool for multi-professional rehabilitation.

CSE Entertainment

Entertaining and engaging games for fitness, wellbeing, health and education.


We offer engaging and positive experiences through exergames for fitness clubs, schools and educational institutions.

Family entertainment

We offer entertainment, exercise and great group activities for all ages for e.g. hotels, shopping malls and indoor sports parks.


We offer modern and motivating solutions for rehabilitation that utilize virtual reality, motion sensors and the latest technology.


We offer a modern and comprehensive driving simulator for driving schools and educational institutions.



Juha Kauppinen

Sales Director

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Miikka Suutari

Chief Operating Officer

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CSE Entertainment

Kauppakatu 25, 87100 Kajaani, Finland