Cozy and active library
Gamification and literature are very closely related. Well-designed gamification is engaging and motivates the reader as well as the player.

Watch the interview with Kajaani city's Library Manager Ari Koistinen and learn why they decided to get iWall for the library.


iWall in library

When planning the renovation of the Kajaani City Library, the ideas on how to use the renewed facilities began to flow. Citizens were involved in planning. So why did they decide to get iWall? Because it's a fun way to encourage people to exercise and they also desire to support local businesses like CSE. There are also other new solutions that encourage to exercise and various meeting and working spaces have been added. Lots of furniture and products that support good ergonomics have been put in use.

Ari Koistinen wants to emphasize that playing iWall is completely free for everyone! The customer only needs a local Library Card to borrow playtime.

Koistinen says that iWall fits with the basic idea of the library, as gamification and literature are strongly related. The basic idea of the library will not disappear with changes and reforms. It is still an open and free place for everyone to visit. New ideas and implementations expand and support the library's operations. iWall is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Also, disabilities aren't in the way of playing! When families have time, they can have a fun competition by playing iWall. Or take advantage of breaks between meetings and long hours of sitting down, to move and relax.