Exergames to increase the amount of physical activity for children and youth
iWall moves more and more every year.

3 000 000 game sessions in 2020

In 2020, iWall moved for three million game sessions. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic was raging, and children did not get enough exercise in Finland and around the world. The children were especially moved by the favorite game Parkour, from which the new Parkour Extreme version will be released.

Watch the video of the new Parkour Extreme! 


In the year 2020, CSE has moved for about three million exergaming sessions. The number of exergaming sessions is significant, especially considering the fact that COVID-19 restrictions were in place. The restrictions had limited gatherings and completely stopped children’s sports activities. 

The absolute favorite game of children throughout the year was Parkour. By listening to children's wishes, CSE developed the renewed Parkour Extreme game. The more versatile Parkour Extreme challenges players to move in an unforeseen way!

Parkour Extreme works as an independent interval and cardio workout. It can also be used as a warmup before weight training. Playing raises the heart rate, develops maximum oxygen uptake, and works the lower body muscles. The captivating levels in high-rise views excite everyone to move. The game controls have been renewed, and the speed is intense. The game experience is both fun for new players and challenging for experienced parkour practitioners. 

CSE develops solutions to children’s lack of physical exercise

Only a third of Finnish children and youth are active enough for their health, according to research. The youth's and children's lack of physical activity is an increasing challenge globally. Weakening general health has many consequences on public health, such as reduced work ability.  

A significant number of 7-17-year-old Finnish children are not active enough. Among 7-year-olds, 70 % exercise enough, and among 15-year-olds, only 10 %. Girls exercise less than boys.

New physical activity recommendations for 7-17-year-olds were recently published by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. According to the new recommendations, children should do moderate or vigorous physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day. This does not mean continuous exercise for one hour. Instead, physical activities can consist of many shorter activities during the day.

Some Finnish schools have taken a very active role in moving children and youth outside of P.E. classes. Minna Taipale is the principal of Edvin Laine school in Iisalmi, Finland. She tells that iWall is in the active use of students and afternoon classes from morning to evening. Taipale describes iWall as an excellent tool to get passive children and youth to move. She weighs the sociality and equality of the exergame wall.

A child in a wheelchair can equally play and move with other children.’’ 
- Minna Taipale, principal of Edvin Laine school

At Jyväskylä Christian school, exergame products are in power use in all classes, not just in P.E. classes. They are also used after school and during the weekends. Turns to play must be booked from the school’s internal calendar due to the high demand.

It has been great to see how exergame products have excited all the students to move. Moving helps learning and getting through the school day.
Petteri Muotka, principal of Jyväskylä Christian school

Top 30 most moving schools in Finland 2020 - 2021

CSE listed 30 of the most moved schools. Edvin Laine school in Iisalmi, Finland, has had an iWall since 2017.  The exergame excitement has not decreased – in fact, it's quite opposite! The school moved for 28 621 game sessions which is the most of all iWall schools in Finland. In other words, this means 650 hours of intense and fun exercise during a school year (190 days). Jyväskylä Christian school moved the second most with 28 549 game sessions.

1. Edvin Laineen koulu, Iisalmi 28 621 game sessions
2. Jyväskylän kristillinen koulu, Jyväskylä 28 549 game sessions
3. Liminganlahden koulu, Liminka 28 034 game sessions
4. Palokan yhtenäiskoulu, Jyväskylä 
5. The Finnish International School of Tampere (FISTA), Tampere 
6. Minna Canthin koulu, Kuopio 
7. Granhultsskolan, Kauniainen 
8. Leinolan koulu, Tampere 
9. Isoniitun koulu, Klaukkala 
10. Keskustan koulu, Eurajoki 
11. Luvian yhtenäiskoulu, Luvia 
12. Lehtikankaan koulu, Kajaani 
13. Mäntymäen koulu, Kauniainen 
14. Jyväskylän normaalikoulu, Jyväskylä 
15. Pyhännän koulu, Pyhäntä
16. Rantakylän normaalikoulu, Joensuu 
17. KAMK, Kajaani 
18. Rauman Lyseon lukio, Rauma 
19. Keuda Lukkarinpolku, Mäntsälä 
20. XAMK Savonlinna campus, Savonlinna 
21. Nyhkälän koulu, Karkkila 
22. Raseko Raision Eeronkuja unit, Raisio 
23. JEDU Nivala unit, Nivala 
24. Aleksis Kiven koulu, Siuntio 
25. OSAO Kaukovainion unit, Oulu  
26. Hagelstamska skolan, Kauniainen  
26. SAMIedu, Savonlinna  
28. Kasavuoren koulu, Kauniainen 
29. Keuda Keskikatu, Kerava  
30. Talvikankaan koulu, Oulu

 CSE congratulates the schools that placed on the top list!