How to improve aquatic center experience
Two of the most popular activities at Water Sports Center Kaukavesi are iWall and a digital water aerobics coach on the edge of the pool.

Watch our interview with Kajaani city's Sports Service Manager Aleksi Nyström on how iWall improves the aquatic center experience.

Kajaani city's Sports Service Manager Aleksi Nyström tells in the interview how iWall has managed to transform the lobby from a passive waiting area to a lively and refreshing space at Water Sports Center Kaukavesi.

iWall in Water Sports Center Kaukavesi

iWall was installed in Kaukavesi at the beginning of 2020, right before the Coronavirus outbreak. Since the autumn of 2020 Kaukavesi has been open within the limits of pandemic restrictions.

iWall is located in the lobby where it attracts attention. When customers walk in, they feel like they have entered a place of sports and activity. The lobby is a great place for iWall; playing doesn't disturb the other customers. There is enough space to move, and passageways are open. Because of the great location of iWall, it is easy to access, and it enables high game volumes. 

The highest usage of iWall is in the mornings when schoolchildren have swimming lessons and in the afternoon when families come for a swim. iWall is played before and after the swim. While children are waiting for the rest of the class or their parents to come from the dressing rooms, they can spend their time playing iWall. During the holiday season, tourists are a significant customer base in Kaukavesi. What is more, families have more time to spend with their children when they play iWall and have fun.

iWall is great in the aquatic center

Before iWall, the entrance had TV's and customers were looking at their phones. The waiting was passive sitting. Since iWall's arrival, the passivity has disappeared and been replaced by active and fun playing. The lobby feels more refreshing and active now. 

iWall does not cause loud noise or major disturbance. Instead, exergaming has been perceived as a good addition to the water sports center. The staff feels that customers are enjoying their time in Kaukavesi. It is nice to see that children and parents are spending time together. The iWall is free to use at Kaukavesi. When customers stay longer, they end up using additional services like the cafeteria.

Nyström admits that he initially wondered how customers would react when removing the TVs from the lobby. Kaukavesi has been open to the public for five years and the TVs have been there until recently. Fortunately, there have not been any complaints about disturbances or customers missing the TVs. In aquatic centers, digitalization has begun to play an important role. The two most popular activities in Kaukavesi at the moment are iWall and the digital water aerobics coach on the edge of the pool.

Would you recommend iWall to other aquatic centers? 

"Digitalization is here and if you can utilize it in an aquatic center, then absolutely yes!"

Kaukavesi - Kajaanis swimming center

Game statistics from 8-2020 - 3-2021

iWall is used average 78 hours per month

The total playing time is on average 127 hours per month.

Peak days

On the busiest days, iWall runs for more than 6 hours and plays more than 600 games a day.

Use during the week and on weekends

iWalls occupancy rate is just as high regardless of the day of the week.

The most poular games

Ski Jump, Parkour, Hyper Slam