How to target services for runners and endurance exercisers?
Why invest in endurance exercise? Read expert tips.

Writer: Elina Koponen

Certified Business Coach, Personal trainer, Bachelor of Culture and Arts & Entrepreneur.

 Walking, jogging, and running. 

These are the most popular forms of physical exercise in order among Finnish people, according to the Finnish FinTerveys2017 report. The same trend can be seen all around the world.

It is unlikely that the results of the research from a few years ago have changed a lot since. The popularity of endurance exercise in particular has only strengthened during the last couple of years. This is due to coronavirus causing the closure of fitness centers for example. Restrictions on fitness centers and indoor sports have led people to exercise outdoors. This is evident from the increased sales for running shoes, bikes, and other outdoor sports equipment, for example. 

 To put it briefly, Finnish people and people around the world are fans of endurance exercise. 

So why not take endurance exercisers into account in fitness center services with targeted services for them? Why not differentiate from competitors in a target group that grows every year? 

Demand for run coaching and running schools has grown significantly in recent years. However, the demand is rarely visible in for example fitness center services or equipment, with the exception of a few treadmills and occasional running schools. 

Yet, investing in running and endurance sports brings an opportunity for fitness centers to increase their member base and turnover, and this opportunity should not be missed.  

 Why target runners and endurance exercisers? 

Walking, jogging, and running are the most popular forms of exercise 

Interest towards run coaching, running schools, and goal-oriented running training is growing year by year 

Fitness centers can offer year-round training conditions unaffected by weather 

Run coaching is an excellent addition to personal training services 

By investing in running training and supporting equipment and services, you ensure that your fitness center differentiates itself from competition

Investing in running and endurance training also opens the possibility of cooperation with sports clubs

5 tips on how to target services for runners and endurance exercisers: 


1. Invest in high-quality treadmills 

Both motorized and non-motorized

2. Offer a chance to practice independently
For example with different virtual environments

3. Offer a chance to test physical fitness and endurance 

For example walking tests, Cooper test, running technique analyses

4. Ensure that the staff is knowledgeable about endurance exercise training 
Especially the knowledge of personal trainers should be ensured

5. Bundle and market clear services and membership for runners 

 CSE Entertainment offers fitness centers a complete solution for executing and commercializing running training and endurance exercise.

runBEAT is a product that includes 2 to 8 treadmills that allows running training with the market’s best quality non-motorized treadmills in gamified virtual environments. It has wide test opportunities and a complete concept that can be scaled according to the needs of an individual fitness center. 

runBEAT creates beneficial training conditions in the current fitness center area by creating a running track experience in a small space. You can make runBEAT as a part of the cardio zone or build a unique training area around it. You can get help to plan and create from us if needed. 

runBEAT includes for example the following features:

• 2 to 8 non-motorized Draxfit treadmills, that offer unlimited possibilities for, for example, interval training, burn up to 30 % more calories than normal motorized treadmills, and naturally guide the user for a better running form with the curved running surface 

• Virtual practice environments 

• Running competitions from 80 to 5000 meters 

• Tests (UKK walk test, Cooper test) 

• Virtual avatars that help you to reach your goal. Everyone can set an ideal goal suitable for them, and follow the avatar to reach the goal in the test 

More information about runBEAT can be found here.

You can also check how Finnish track and field champion Jukka Kaukola utilizes runBEAT in his training here