Virtual Reality supporting traditional rehabilitation
With the help of virtual reality, the development of the rehabilitator can be motivated and tracked.

"rehabWall activates various brain function - alertness, motor skills, perception and comprehension skills, and coordination skills - which can help achieve a better rehabilitation outcome",
Vetrea's Chief Neurologist Kauko Pitkänen.


Rehabilitation through the virtual world

With new technology, rehabilitation has taken a step towards the virtual world. rehabWall is a Finnish product that is a new way of carrying out rehabilitation. It has been developed in collaboration with rehabilitation professionals. The product has a touch screen from which the exercise and difficulty level suitable for the client can be selected. The control of the exercises can be by touch screen, a motion sensor camera, VR classes, or a balance platform placed on a chair or wheelchair. The method of control depends on the chosen game.

 Rehabilitation that uses virtual reality does not replace existing forms of treatment. It supports and complements them.

Virtual reality is an interactive, simulated environment that provides an immersive experience. Gamification interests and motivates users of different ages. It gives the therapist time to focus on their rehabilitator. Also, virtual reality technology such as rehabWall provides entertainment for long hospital stays. It refreshes the hospital environment and provides entertainment for families during their visits. Rehabilitators have acknowledged its ease of use and intuitive user interface.

Development of rehabWall

The development of the rehabWall began in 2017 together with therapists from the intensive rehabilitation department of the Kajaani Health Center. The primary client group at the time was stroke rehabilitators. Therapists participated in the development of rehabWall and evaluated the development progress monthly. At times, they came along with the stroke rehabilitators to test rehabWall. The feedback from therapists and rehabilitators was valuable. This allowed the development work to proceed. When rehabWalls development was completed, it was introduced to the intensive rehabilitation department of Kajaani Health Center. The product development has continued in collaboration with them to this day.

Currently, rehabWall has 12 different rehabilitation games. Before the exercise, the therapist can adjust the content and difficulty of the level, and in some games, even during the exercise. rehabWall has observation, weight transfer, mobility, body management, and activation exercises. Some of the exercises are designed to develop several skills and attributes. The user interface divides the exercises into two sections: independent exercises and exercises together with a therapist. 

The current status of the rehabilitator can be verified with the help of rehabWall. After the exercise, the therapist has a visual view of the results and all of the exercise data is saved for later follow-up. The therapist can create a personalized rehabilitation program. This is how progress gets tracked in real-time.

Renewed rehabWall 2.0

At the beginning of 2021, customers received the rehabWall 2.0 update. The development process was based on a customer survey. The update includes significant improvements in the product user interface and game content. The rehabWall 2.0 has new games, easy access to the user interface, and the internal adjustments of the exercises can be tailored to meet the individual's needs. 

For example, the new rowing game activates the upper body. The difficulty level can be adjusted before the exercise or during the exercise. It is important for the difficulty level of the exercise to be at an appropriate level. In this exercise, at the easiest level, even small hand movements will take the boat in the right direction. By increasing the difficulty level, the person rowing must imitate a more realistic rowing movement, so the boat moves in the desired direction.  

We provide therapists with a tool to help them provide meaningful and motivating rehabilitation. At the same time, therapists have more time to focus on supporting and guiding the patient through the exercise.

rehabWall 2.0 is suitable for developing a wide range of motor and process skills as well as cognitive and sensory abilities. The use of rehabWall has expanded to multidisciplinary rehabilitation. We develop products in a customer-oriented manner. We update rehabWall with new features and improvements several times a year. Updates happen automatically.  Read more about rehabWall and ask for a quote!


Game static May 2021

rehabWall was in use
19 hours in a month.


412 played exercises in a month.


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