What would get the youth to come to the library?

The families and youth no longer visit the library like they used to do. The library should renew itself to meet the needs and habits of the new generation.


How can libraries compete in the midst of abudant activities?

Libraries in Finland are truly the one and only places that are free and open for everybody. Libraries need youth as their customers, that is how library operations remain viable in the future. Libraries have a remarkable chance to create equal hobby opportunities for children and youth. Whether the case was reading, crafts or exercise. At its best children and youths' excitement to start a new hobby prevents the social exclusion, and increases social equality. 

In 2017 Library Act came into force. For the first time, the role of the library is defined in society. The tasks of the library include providing facilities for learning, hobbies, work, and civic activities. The organization of services must take into account the strengthening of equality and the community, pluralism, and cultural diversity. 

Can Exergaming be part of the library?

Exergaming offers an equal experience. The player's age, gender, or disability is not in a way of playing. The main benefit of Exergaming is that it provides social interaction and it's fun. This results in all the other benefits such as health promotion. Exergaming in the library is a cross-border activity that offers families to spend time together. However, Exergaming isn't only for children and youth. For example, iWall is great for taking a break from work and school days. As well as activating a more mature population in a new and fun way.  

Libraries have sought to get everyone to read and get excited about literature. Youth could also be allowed a variety of other ways to use the library and its services. In Finland, the difference in literacy between girls and boys is greater than in any other OECD country. In 2019, it was found that Finnish youth have even more weak readers. Of the 15-yer-old boys, 63% read-only in compulsion. According to Professor Sanna Järvelä, this should be a concern. "Boys attitude towards reading are worrying. Yet, reading is central to learning. It is good to remember that there are different forms of reading. For example, in digital form, which requires the interpretation of text, sound, and images."

Loan playtime with a library card

Did you know that a library card is often a child's first card? Loaning books with one's very own library card is an experience, not to mention redeeming playtime with the card. A library card reader has been developed for CSE Entertainment's most popular product iWall  and a customer can loan playtime just like they would loan books. The game cycles are quick, and the games last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Therefore, unnecessary waiting, children's arguments about game turns, and burdening parents with marathon-length game sessions are avoided. Whatever the purpose, exergaming is a fun and active pastime!

iWall School
The iWall is evenly played between girls and boys.