Personalized group exercise experience

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groupBEAT is a new and revolutionary way to make group exercise fun and personal.

Points are awarded based on how well players can maintain a target heart rate.  The heart rate targets and intensity change throughout the game.

You can compete together regardless of different fitness levels and preferred cardio equipment. The person who most closely matches their heart rate with the target wins!

A more engaging and fun way to do cardio

Challenge yourself and get to know your heart rate better.

Your heart rate is your game controller

groupBEAT only requires a heart rate belt with a Bluetooth heart rate transmitter such as Polar H7, H9, H10, or OH1.

Individual group exercise

Everyone trains at their own heart rate levels. The heart rate targets, duration, and sequence for each exercise are designed by professionals to be a sensible and cohesive whole. Simply aim for the displayed target heart rate and you will get a good workout. 


Focus on your own heart rate and gather points throughout the game to win the race. 

Tired of boring cardio?

groupBEAT is both fun and competitive, and anyone can participate regardless of their fitness level.

Social Connections

groupBEAT allows users of different fitness levels to train together at their own personal heart rate levels.


groupBEAT is not a static video but a dynamic environment where you influence how your character moves.  This ensures that you are always aware of your progress in the game. 

Virtual travel

Invite your friends to go for a jog in Santorini or Central Park. 24 heart rate transmitters can be connected to one goupBEAT system. 


"groupBEAT was extremely fun and I think it's suitable for both basic fitness and more experienced athletes."
- Virpi Sutinen, Iisalmi, Finland

More than 3.000.000 games sessions a year! 

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